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Damien Dempsey praises the talent of Róisin Seoighe, winner of Preda’s Freedom Day Song Competition 2015!

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When leading musician and Preda advocate Damien Dempsey proposed the idea of a nationwide song competition for primary and secondary school students I don’t think that even he would have realised the passion for music and justice that exists among the youth of Ireland.

Róisín Seoighe, a 16 year old Transition Year student in Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin, Carraroe, Co. Galway won the competition with her own “Freedom Song” which was inspired by the plight of the children being rescued by Preda in the Philippines. Her song is written in both Irish and English was produced by Willow Sea Studios with the video directed by Kamil Krolak of “Fifty People One Question Galway” fame.

“Freedom Song” is being released on iTunes in the coming days. Róisín has asked that all proceeds from the single are to be donated to Preda to help feed, educate and give the rescued children a second chance at childhood.

Fr. Shay Cullen, charity founder, described the song as an “emotive and evocative masterpiece”. On first hearing Róisín’s “Freedom Day” song Damien Dempsey admitted to being overcome with emotion feeling that this young song writer truly connected with the plight of the children Preda rescue. No doubt “Damo” will check out her song “Bog Amach” which is her unique take on “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift when he joins Róisín and her class for a few songs in Carraroe in the New Year!

Why not support the first bilingual Christmas charity single and help make this Christmas about the Children! It costs just €4.10 per day to feed, educate, house and care for one child rescued by Preda – four downloads can go a long way.

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Preda Ireland is a voluntary organisation so all money raised goes directly to the children.Follow PREDA Ireland on Facebook, on Twitter @Preda Ireland or checkout for more information. PREDA is a registered charity No. 16815

“Freedom Song”
By Róisín Seoighe

I have no recollection of feeling any affection around here.
No one comes to sympathize or listen to my weeping cries, around here.
I feel so scared all they do is stand and stare..,staring at me.
There are too many people here I wish I could disappear,
I can’t breathe.

Could I please have some freedom?
It’s not like I don’t deserve to feel the sun
Locked up like an animal treated like a criminal.
My life has just begun,
Could I please have some freedom?
I’m put into a cage with no way to escape, all I want is to be free,
I dream of a foreign land where children have freedom in their hands,
Unlike me,
Excitement on Christmas day,and I’m crying my sorrows away,
Aching to be free
How can they just ignore me sleeping, and this cold floor beneath me

Trid PREDA, tabhair saoirse
Do na gasúir at a sánaithe go fóil,
Ó no croí , an t-athair shay
Beidh rudaí ag fheabhsú ó lae go lae
Tabhair misneach go na gasúir bocht,
Ta muid at Smaoineamh oraibh anocht

(English translation)
Though Preda, give freedom to the children that are locked away for now.
From my heart to Fr. Shay
Give courage to the poor children
we are thinking of you all tonight.

Video Created By Kamil Krolak // KamilFilms

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Support & buy ‘Freedom Song’ on iTunes: !!

Support & buy “Freedom Song’ on Amazon: !!

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