Mic-A-Blaze Records

Official video promoting Mic-A-Blaze Records and its incredibly talented artists. Music, parties, live performances, and real talent at its best!

Mic-A-Blaze Records is an Irish record label, founded by Trav Nines. It was created in 2008,during a time when talent saturated his town, but also during a time when very little resources were offered to artists in order to create and promote their music. The label structured its services with one big impact within the community, as the labels intentions became widely known, new outlets were created in order to keep up with high demands within the music industry.

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Video created by Kamil Krolak of KamilFilms.

Director: Kamil Krolak
Camera: Kamil Krolak / Eoin Kelly
Editing: Kamil Krolak

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