Jeremiah O’Dea

Short film telling the story of Jeremiah O’Dea – inspiring and incredibly talented artist based in Galway, Ireland.

“Hand Carving works of art is my key to the walled garden, my way down the rabbit hole, my looking glass, my chosen path, my inspiration. From the beginning the process of transforming Marmoleum into Artworks has struck me as magical…” – Jeremiah O’Dea.

Storytellers, poets, musicians, painters, and sculptors hold Galway in their grasp, keeping it from being ‘just another city’. This fact is largely responsible for many blow-in artists staying and setting in Galway. Jeremiah O’Dea is unquestionably one of them…

Director of Photography: KAMIL KROLAK
Assistan Camera: ROWAN MOORE

Artist: Cheesepiuff // Title : Sad Song // Licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License

SPECIAL THANKS TO Jeremiah O’Dea for his patience and sharing his amazing story with us…

I appreciate any critique and suggestions so please feel free to comment and contact me.
Thank you.

More information about Jeremiah O’Dea and his amazing art available here: // Kamil Krolak 00353 868910692 //
©KamilFilms 2013 // ©Kamil Krolak 2013 // ©GMIT 2013 // ©GFC 2013

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