Jeff Linares

While searching for another inspiring and interesting idea for a short film – I found Jeff Linares – incredibly talented peruvian tattoo artist based in County Galway (Ireland). I was lucky enough to get to know his interesting story and experience his amazing talent and rare style. This is Jeff Linares and this is his story:

Jeff Linares started off by sketching what he thought was interesting, rare and eye-catching. Few years later he began creating paintings of different themes and backgrounds. Thirsty for his work to become personal and last ‘a life time’ – he began creating ‘body art’. For some… his tattoos are a simple decoration. For others – they are a reminder of someone or a certain period of life. But for many – they capture a hidden meaning, a secret, something buried – but not to be forgotten. Something meaningful…

Director of Photography: KAMIL KROLAK
Camera Assistant: MJ MORAN
Lights and Sound FX: DES MULCAHY

Artist: Texas Music Forge // Title: Maxines // Licensed under the Attribution Noncommercial License
Artist: Suonho // Title: Abstract electro funk break beats // Licensed under the Attribution License
Artist: Cosmic Analog Ensemble // Title: Fugueur de Jour // Licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

Warm thanks to Jeff Linares for his patience, cooperation and sharing his story with us.
I appreciate any critique and suggestions so please feel free to comment and contact me.
Thank you.

For more information about Jeff Linares and his BetterTimes Tattooing Studio – please visit: // Kamil Krolak 00353 868910692 // [email protected]
©KamilFilms 2013 // ©Kamil Krolak 2013 // ©GMIT 2013 // ©GFC 2013

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