Born in Poland  – Kamil – was raised and grew up in picturesque Szczecin.

At the age of 18 to pursuit his passion he moved to Galway where he began his first adventure with film production. In 2007 he started a Film & TV course in Galway Community College where he directed his first projects. Two years later he became a Film & TV student in Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology where he expanded his interests and knowledge. In 2011 his first short films premiered on a ‘big screen’ in selected festivals in Europe.

Years of hard work and drive to constantly challenge himself led Kamil to becoming a director of the multiple award winning video production companyKamilFilms –specialists in delivering professional video and photo content to education, corporate and entertainment organisations.

His work includes critically acclaimed video productions for Ireland’s leading broadcasters RTE, TV3 and TG4. Qualified and experienced in digital marketing Kamil’s unique understanding of video in the digital age has resulted in numerous projects achieving a worldwide audience and recognition
z among critiques and fellow filmmakers.

Filmmaking has always been my greatest passion. What I love about it the most is all the places it lead me to, all the people I met thanks to it and all the incredible things I managed to experience along the way… – Kamil Krolak